Two no-fault car accidents - the Mini goes to the bodyshop

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dented rear boot lid

Over the festive period not one but two people drove into the back of my Mini. It wasn't snowing or icy, just a little dark. Both happened at the same roundabout in the same lane about a week apart. The first one hit the Mini low shunting me forwards. It was a low speed impact but my handbrake was on so that was screwed. The Mini had recently passed its MOT so the handbrake worked as expected, three clicks and it was fully engaged. After the accident you could lift it four clicks and then push the car by hand!

In the second accident the guy that hit me wasn't even looking forwards. The front of his car hit my rear number plate light unit pushing it into the boot a little way.

dent above bumper

Overall the damage to the car didn't look like much and I could in theory repair it myself, but as it wasn't my fault that other people can't drive properly I reported the accidents and claimed off their insurance. The repair was estimated and the Mini was collected by the bodyshop and taken away for repair.

new boot lid

The Mini is now back from the bodyshop and the back looks pretty good. A new boot and bumper has been fitted and all dents have been filled in and smoothed out and repainted.

repaired rear with new respray

Since the accident I've been thinking about ways to improve the visibility of the Mini from the rear. Although there is nothing you can do if the person behind you is not looking, you can make it even more obvious that you are braking. Most modern cars are quite high-up (compared to a Mini) and so they can't tell when you are braking if they are driving too close. Fitting a high-level brake light can help in this situation. There are several types available: LED or bulb, fixed or adjustable, fit to headline or parcel shelf. So that's my next mod.

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