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rust in mini boot

Well the Mini is finally on all four wheels again after almost a year of the back end being up on axel stands. I've made a list of about 14 jobs that need doing before it goes in for its MOT and I've (stupidly?) said to Emma that it WILL BE on the road by the end of October. Hmm.

While the Mini has been stood in the garage it has slowly been rusting away.

rust behind fuel tank

I noticed a lot of paint bubbling in the rear left floor of the boot space behind the rear lights. I could of left it alone but if it needs welding I'm not going to hide it out of sight behind the fuel tank. So I poked it with a screwdriver and you can see the result in this photo. The hole is within 4" of a mounting point for the subframe so it has to be repaired.

rust on scuttle panel

The scuttle panel also has a big hole in it on the drivers side which will need repairing.

rust on a panel

There is some bubbling of the paint on the O/S wing which needs some investigation. Hopefully I'll be able to clean it up. The A panel however has come away at the bottom and looks like it may need replacing. Either way I'm going to take the Mini to a body shop to have all the welding done.

support bracket

The top support bracket for the radiator is pretty rusted so I've taken it off to clean it up.

Update: It is November now and the body parts I ordered are finally here and I've prepped the car ready to go to the welder. I've removed the O/S headlight unit, repeater unit and wheel arch. I just have to wait for the guy who has agreed to do the welding to give me a shout when he has some free time. Hopefully the Mini will be on the road by the winter.

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